Please allow me to be the first one to direct your attention toward a unique real estate in Budapest, Hungary. This estate could be a great solution to you and your guests, if you are looking for a special property in the vicinity of Budapest. This real estate is a pearl on the market, and we are convinced that its features will raise your interest since it is up for sale now for half of it’s construction cost.

The building

The building is located on a 1470 square meters area, built on the style of the Loire castles. The castle-like villa is 910 square meters large and it accommodates 8 bedroom suits on 4 floors.


Дом находится в Дунакеси, в нескольких минутах от Дуная, в безопасном, спокойном и тихом районе.  Благодаря прекрасным условиям, эта часть города стремительно развивается, предлагая множество возможностей для развлечения. До посольского квартала Будапешта и Площади Героев можно доехать всего за 12 минут.

The villa landscape

The villa’s surroundings are astonishingly well kept, the building itself surrounded by a beautiful landscaped garden with automated sprinkler systems. During the winter months the roads are well maintained by a built in frost protection system.

Hand crafted quality materials and style